Company Principles & Code of Conduct

Hanseatic Connect is an equal opportunities employer in recruitment and hiring. We ensure recruitment is conducted in accordance with the principles of transparency, fairness and compliance with international law and ethical operations. We promote diversity and provide individual care and personal support to our clients and applicants throughout the recruitment process. Our professionalism, integrity and commitment to our business partners and our international staff ensure a sustainable, long-term partnerships and successful cooperation.

We are committed to fair and ethical recruitment and placement practices, to the “employers pays” principle ensuring no recruitment fees or related costs are charged to, or otherwise borne by our International Medical staff/recruited workers or applicants. Moreover, we aim to promote the guiding principles expressed by the WHO Code of Conduct for the International Recruitment of Healthcare Professionals. We acknowledge the ethical principles to be applied in the international recruitment of health workers by respecting the rights and obligations of the countries of origin and destination, as well as of the migrating health workers. We respect the laws of the countries in which we do business and expect this requirement equally from our business and cooperation partners.

In addition, we expressly point out the following agreements to which we adhere and expect our business partners to adhere to:

Hanseatic Connect implements a strict code of conduct in its business. Our commitment to personal integrity and business ethics applies to all aspects of our business activity, from search, selection, recruitment, and briefing to personnel retention, marketing initiatives and accounting practices.

We do business honestly, ethically, and legally under all circumstances. We will not tolerate illegal or unethical conduct on the part of our employees, seafarers, and candidates. We will not accept their interests to conflict with the interests of the company and our clients.

Our employees, seafarers and candidates will be vigilant against implicating the company’s reputation in any negative manner and shall refrain from promoting personnel interests at the cost of the company and its clients. Any illegitimate financial reward or payoff, as well as payment in kind, shall be deemed in conflict with Hanseatic Connect principles and dealt with immediately and forcefully.

No bribes, kickbacks or financial reward shall be given or taken by any person or agency to influence business. Hanseatic Connect shall refuse any gifts, gratuities, fees, bonuses, or excessive entertainment to influence business.

Proprietary, confidential, and sensitive business information related to individuals, clients, companies and vessels shall be treated with the strictest of confidence and only divulged to secured or authorized recipients on a need-to-know basis.

In accordance with the Diversity Management Principle, we treat everyone equally, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or appearance and we expect the same from all our business and cooperation partners as a mandatory requirement.

*According to the standards in force – 08/2022